Manifesto/Limerick For An 8-Month Journey…

Within these pages you will find:

travel tips for peace of mind,

photos of New Zealand fair,

funny tales that happened there,

and so much swag you might go blind.

Perhaps I’ll write of airport woes,

of canceled flights and cramping toes,

with smatterings of Tolkien allusions,

sassy notes, cultural confusion,

and shout-outs to my bros.

I hope that friends and family will

keep in touch, remember me still,

and know of my adventures abroad

as tourist wanting tanner bod,

and share in my ecstatic thrill.

Traveling first ‘cross island North,

then towards South we venture forth.

I travel with my family

and head to University

where studies will proceed of courthe (I have a lithp)

And now to introduce myself –

books and films sit on my shelf,

Lindsey* Stiltskin is my name,

sloth-herding is my game

and I’d love to be an elf.

Or an avatar

Or an avatar



*I’m a student at Whitman College and am studying abroad at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. Cheers.


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